PhD Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence
Research and teaching in the field of social embodiment, making use of virtual reality techniques.

Creative Coding Amsterdam
Creative coding meetups, talks, hackathons and coding jams. Coding and hardware workshops for adults.

Creative Coding Tilburg
Creative coding meetups, talks, hackathons and coding jams. Coding and hardware workshops for adults.

Code Brabant
CoderDojo’s – open evenings where everyone between 7 and 17 can learn how to program for free. Coding and hardware workshops for children, teens and teachers.

Introduction to programming, Scratch, Processing, Arduino, P5.js.
Public speaking, improvisational theater.

On virtual and augmented reality techniques, research and art.
On social embodiment, homuncular flexibility, embodiment illusions.
On creative coding, community building and diversity.
On teaching programming to children.



Past workshops:

– Various at Code Brabant, Creative Coding Tilburg, Creative Coding Amsterdam
– Hardware / Arduino workshop at Hack Your Future
– Virtual Reality & 3D Pictionary at STRP scene 2
– Improvisational theater and public speaking at Particolarte

Past talks:

– ‘Homuncular Flexibility’ at Creative Coding Utrecht
– ‘Who’s afraid of VR’ at Who’s afraid of Art festival, Tilburg University
– ‘Creative Coding’ at Digivita Creative Code Event
– ‘The body as a game-controller’ at Incubate Arcade
– ‘Virtual reality and embodiment’ at Playful Arts Festival
– ‘The placebo-effect in VR health care’  at Virtual Reality for Science and Education Symposium
– Demo of prototype ‘The Vocal Range of Movies: Sonifying Gender Representation in Film’ at ICEC 2015
– Presentation of paper ‘The Influence of Subliminal Visual Primes on Player Affect in a Horror Computer Game’ at ACII 2015
– Presentation of paper ‘The Placebo effect in Virtual Reality’ at the graduation presentation at Leiden University
– ‘Inducing lucid dreams’  at Hack the Brain award ceremony at ‘Do It Together Bio #12: Opening up the Brain’ by Waag Society
– ‘Inducing lucid dreams’  (Hack the Brain project) at ‘Read and Hack Your Brain – Neurotech‘ by Singularity University

Past exhibitions / performances

– The Installation ‘Change Course’ at Semester Project Exhibition ‘INTEGRITY’
‘Paracusia’, a game based on auditory hallucinations, at Boulevard Festival
‘Paracusia’, a game based on auditory hallucinations, at Playful Arts Festival
‘I Wish I Were a Woman’, an artwork about gender and technology, at Open Lab Expo
– Facial substitution demo at Particolarte
‘Anna’, a play about a young girl and her dark dreamworld, Particolarte